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Posted by GSC on 7/11/2021 to Parts Identification

As part of GSC's growing investment in vz. 58 parts, and our ongoing receipt of questions regarding the commonality of AK and vz. 58 components, we have decided to tap into the holy scriptures of Gun Jesus' excellent catalog of firearms videos and join the ranks of those who wish to raise more awareness to the glories of the vz. 58 and its idiosyncrasies... 

Safe Summer Fun

Posted by GSC on 6/5/2021

The pandemic is mostly behind us and summer is almost here so, despite ammunition currently being worth more than its weight in gold, it truly is the best time for all firearms enthusiasts to emerge from their homes and visit their favorite local ranges. However, because it may have been over a year for many of us to get some trigger time, it is important to review the fundamentals of firearms safety and take measures to avoid the wrong kinds of kabooms. With this linked video from Forgotten Weapons, you will get a great refresher on the things to look out for when assessing the readiness of your favorite weapons...

Is the Happening of Happenings now Happening?

Posted by GSC on 5/15/2021 to Humor

Because it seems like every time we check the news these days the world is either in a new catastrophe or coming close to one, with the help of a fun InRangeTV video, we thought it's time to remind everyone once more about the best ad hoc gear and strategies to use if the Fallout universe becomes reality (oh, and we are happy to supply you with all necessary parts to survive in that tough new world, if you choose to prepare for it)...

Parts Photography Pointers

Posted by GSC on 4/11/2021 to General

One of the things GSC prides in is not relying on using stock images for the majority of its products. Because of the effort we put into trying to show our customers exactly what they might be buying from our website, we have learned a lot about the fundamentals of photography in general, including the relatively easy ways we can all make our favorite things that go bang really stand out in the pictures that we take. 

To share some great pointers on how to make your own gear look as good as it can in photos that you may take, we would like to share an excellent TFB TV video with you... 

Food for Thought

Posted by GSC on 3/27/2021 to Humor
All of the recent talk in the news about the Federal government adding even more regulations on to the 2nd Amendment might make one pause and ponder the following...
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